451S Burns DVDs OK, but the are Unreadable

Hi Guys after hours of searching the forums, hoping for a same problem as mine with no hope i am now force to ask you for your help:

Im using Nero and a 451S with firmware GSB6, and am having problems Writing DATA CDs, although i have not tried Video / Movies yet, so that may be a problem too.

The problem is that the DVDs burn ok and complete in the right amount of time go to 100% like it should do, no i remove the DVD and place it in my DVD ROM and it wont read, some do some dont, mostly dont, and the ones that do read, i only get the name of the DVD and when i try to copy the data off it does a little bit and then just hangs and the drive light just flashes and hangs the machine.

I then try in the Liteon DVDRW 451s and the same happens.

Ive tried serveral different discs inc -R DATAWRITE RED and BULKPACK, to iclude a few.

Do i need to upgrade my Firmware if so which one, and do i need to know anything else.

PS has anyone else got readability problems.

Cheers guys


That’s your problem. DWR is rather poor-quality media. And neither are a lot of the BulkPaqs that I’ve heard about… LiteOn drives are known to be have problems with poor-quality media.

Ive used TDK and Memorex as well. Anyone recommend any good -r Media. They have worked before.

Also would you not reckon changing My Firmware may solve it, as they are burning at 2 and 4 speed but just not reading.



Hi m8.

Just to let you know that I’m currently having the same sort of problems with my 451S.

XBox stuff is fine but movies often freeze, judder and then lock up.

I’ve been burning at 2x as burning any quicker didn’t seem to work reliably on my XBox. I started on BulkPaq which didn’t seem too bad, I then tried Ritek DataSafe which were crap, Princo DataWrite which worked quite well and then the new Ritek DataWrire Yellows which were recommended for this drive and they are utter shite. No coasters but every movie I’ve done has something wrong with it.

I’m a bit of a loss the same as you but I’m going to get to the bottom of it. Hopefully without buying too many different types of discs.

If anyone can provide a solid recommendation on Media, i.e. TDK / Verbatim then I don’t mind giving it a go but there must be a cheaper yet reliable solution.

I’m not sure on the firmware version of my burner but I’ll get back to you with my findings.


After downloading the 851S firmware and flashing the drive, it seems to have rectified the issue. I’ve burning stuff off at 4x to both Princo and Ritek and they seem to work great without and problems, no juddering through a movie and no nasty spindown noise as the leadout is being done.

On this page - http://codeguys.rpc1.org/oc.html it has the following info


Method 1: Obtain a stock 851S firmware. Use our OmniPatcher (found on our patchers page) to patch the firmware to enable crossflashing.

Method 2: Use our GSC2 firmware with improved media support. This special 851S firmware can be loaded onto 451S drives as well as 851S drives. However, you may still want to customize the firmware to your liking with the OmniPatcher before loading it into your drive.[/i]

I went with method two and patched my 451S with the 851S firmware. You can download the patch from http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/851S.GSC2.codeguys.rar and then download the Omnipatcher from http://codeguys.rpc1.org/patchers/dvdrw_omnipatcher-1.2.0.rar

It’s dead easy to use, just load the .exe into the Omnipatcher and it will create a patched .exe. Close down any applications you have open and run the .exe which will then flash the firmware for you. Once it has completed, give your machine a reboot and then try burning some discs. Please be aware that I take no responsibilty for you flashing your drive, and it invalidate syour warrenty.

I did it for my drive and after the reboot, XP detected it and installed it as new hardware and everything (touch wood) now works great. I hope it works for you and I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what your results are.

They also have a Stock GS0K firmware which apprently makes the GSC2 firmware which I used obsolete. If everything is working fine then why rock the boat trying another one. If anyone knows of any reason why it would be worth upgrading to the GS0K then I’d be interested in your thoughts.

go for Maxell, TDK or Memorex DVDs. I have tried cheap Princo DVD-R and have not been able to make one good burn. Terrible!!

Protect your data with quality media!!