451S burning in LP or EP?

I’ve got a Lite-on 451S and I was curious to know if there is any way to set it to burn DVDs in LP or EP mode as opposed to the default SP mode?

I tried doing a search but it didn’t return any useful results though that could be caused by my lack of knowledge in exactly what to search for other then the burning modes. Any help would be greatly apprecaited.


I’m not deep deep into that aspect, but from what I’ve understood, its the software authoring package that determines the recording mode - not the hardware. So the question is really about which software ur using to author ur stuff, and how to change the mode in that. As far as I know, the 451 has no influence over that whatsoever, just ur authoring package. Hope that helps.

Well I’ve got Sonic MyDVD, TMPGEnc DVD Author as well as Nero 6. Maybe I’m just retarded on these programs or something but I can’t seem to find an option there to set it to a specific format such as XP, SP, LP or EP. So if anyone has anything specific I’d appreciate it. Thanks for your advice booma.

What is LP, SP, XP Mode? Do you refer to VCR Modes… like longplay? Well… there are no such modes for burning a DVD.

blinks and looks at the pack of DVD-R’s he has that says recording times for all settings
XP - Excellent Play 1 Hour
SP - Standard Play 2 Hours
LP - Long Play 4 Hours
EP - Extended Play 6 Hours.

The settings you are looking at are for a [set-top DVD recorder/player](IDE DVD burner does not work the same way as a recordable [url=http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=pcmcat13900050019&navHistory=cat00000%2Bcat03000%2Bpcmcat13900050017&type=category&navLevel=4), not a PC DVD Burner.

It is indeed the authoring or more accurately the transcoding software that can extend the length of a DVD movie. Be aware that if you try and fit 4 hours worth of video onto a regular DVD you will see significant degradation of video quality. Myself I span anything longer then 2.5 hours or so onto two discs to keep quality high. Any longer then that and I notice enough pixelation to be a distraction (although I have a 46" HDTV so I notice more then someone with a 27" TV I guess).
Output the files to your computer instead of DVD media so you can view the quality on your PC before burning. Or use a rewritable media to test and experiment, ultimately it’s your own eye and judgment that matters.

As Ssseth said, and asu probably know, the more video u fit onto a disc, the lower the quality will be. I haven’t used Sonic or TMPGenc, but I have tried out Nero vision express to convert some divx. If u have vision express, then after u add the video, at the bottom u’ll see the button ‘configuration’. I think its in there that u can decide on the video system (Pal/NTSC), as well as EP, LP, SP (bit rates) etc. If u don’t really want to use NVE, then I guess u can look at the names (LP) and the associated bitrates, and then use those bitrates in other programs to give u the desired results.
Have fun.:wink:

Thanks Ssseth, booma. I’ve got nero vision and that seems to work. Thanks for all your help.

If you are interested also see my signature for my favorite method for backing up DVD’s, (CloneDVD/AnyDVD) works great for me.