451S and DVD+R media << serious suckage

I’ve had a Liteon LDW-451S drive for a month or so, and so far I’ve been impressed with the cd-writing quality, but the dvd-writing quality makes me worry. Here are a few examples:

  1. 4x DVD+R media by Ricoh, came with the writer. Written at 4x, scanned at 4x (ECC sum 8).

  1. 2.4x DVD+R media by RiTEK, sold as Ultron. Written at 2.4x, scanned at 4x + ECC sum 8.

  1. 4x DVD+R media by Mitsubishi Chemicals, sold as Verbatim Digital Movie DVD+R (VERY expensive and flashy media). Written at 4x, scanned with the usual 4+8.

Now that’s some serious suck if I may say so. Ricoh, RiTEK, MCC all pretty much work at Princo levels with my drive. Scanning at 2.4x will produce much better results, but if I pay a crapload of money for excellent media, I’d like it to work fine at 4x too.

I don’t think it’s my computer too, as I have 1.2 GHz Tbrid, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD with 8MB cache etc.

Any guesses what could be the problem. Could it be a faulty drive?

First of all try to upgrade to latest firmware (GSB7)!

I’ll do that tomorrow, when I get my new cpu/motherboard, but it still seems a little odd that Liteon would ship a drive with such crappy default firmware…

If it makes you feel any better, my 451S sucks also no matter what media I throw at it. And it’s not my configuration. I just think some drives are hit-and-miss just like media. I got a duck. Also, K-probe can be overused. If the media works in your PC and on your stand alone DVD player, find other things to worry about like solving world peace…:slight_smile:

i have a 451S, seriously, i think you should try the 451s@ 851S mod. i got better burns after that. mine weren’t as bad as yours though. i was averaging anywhere btw 200-360 PI errors on GSB4 firmware. after the hack, i’m getting btw 2-6 PI errors (average of course) i’m sure some burners are bad and that’s why they come w/ a warrantee (sp?) so maybe you should send it back to LiteOn first. then try out the new one.

Originally posted by valentins_LV
First of all try to upgrade to latest firmware (GSB7)!

Where can you find this GSB7 firmware? All I’m seeing out there is the GSB6 firmware.

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Where can you find this GSB7 firmware? All I’m seeing out there is the GSB6 firmware.


Thanks val. I’m just now seeing the related post as well. Should have searched first I suppose…:Z

Strange… LiteOn drives are usually good with +R media. They normally have trouble with -R.
Don’t know much about 451/851, but the xx1s cope well with most +R.
If it is/was firmware issue please tell us what you have found after upgrading.

My 451 will do +R with PIs around a 100 and POs around 8 or less.

It’ll do Ritek G04 -Rs at around PI 20s and PO 4s, so I use them mostly but the +Rs mostly work in my players (though TY +Rs would not even though they had PIs in the 50s and POs around 5! Just a picky player I guess!)

I’ve found Ricohs to be variable even within the same spindle, most burn well but occasionally one will be really bad.


My 451S wouldn’t even close out the Ritek G04 -R’s. I went through 4 coasters before I gave up and sent them back to meritline. Strangely, I’m getting the best results out of Memorex -R’s which everyone else seems to hate.

Does KProbe have a problem at 4x? I’ve heard this mentioned before that scans at <4 or >4 work “correctly” but that scans at 4x are prone to false errors.

I know if I scan some 4x media at 4x with KProbe I seem to get very poor results. Scanning slower produces a HUGE HUGE improvement.

Some LiteOn drives with some firmwares seems to have problems when scanning + media at 4 X in KProbe.
My 811 has it with both old fw HS0K and new HS0P.
But in my friends 451 the same + discs gives a very nice scan.

This has eariler been thought as a media issue by some, but OC-Freak has commented about this in a couple of threads and put most of the blame at the drive.

Do a search and you will find a lot to read about it.

To be on the safe side, do a test in Nero CD/DVD speed. If you have a nice curve then you are almost ceartain that the drive reports the errors to high in KProbe.