451s@851s suddenly fails?

My 451S@851S has been working great now
for at least 2 months, and tonight, in between
a series of burns, it just quit. It will not read,
nor write, any CD nor DVD. It opens, closes,
and My Computer shows it as being present,
but, no reading nor writing.

So, has anyone else had the 451S (hacked to 851S, or
just plain approved firmware) just stop reading and writing
for no apparant reason?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the hack - I
really doubt that - I am thinking the optical components
have failed - which makes me wonder since I seem
to have read others claiming short life-spans, and
very little Lite-on support, even for non-hacked units.

The DVD’s and CD’s that won’t read or write all
read and write on another PC with a different
DVD burner, so, I am certain it is this unit.

Any ideas? Who has the longest functioning 451S
so far (6 months? 1 year?)


You’ve tried rebooting, right?

Installed my 451@851 mid-to-late Jan. Still working…

I hadn’t thought of that until I read your reply - I still
don’t see how that made a difference but it is working
agan after rebooting. ??? I have burned about
200 movies and I was jumping to a conclusion
that these optical “burners” may be like common
light bulbs - so much and then no more.
I had already burned about 6 during that session
when it just quit. I can’t figure it.

thanks for the jogger,


Glad to hear that it works. :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised at how many computer problems I’ve had over the years that go away with a reboot. :slight_smile: