451S@851S/Speedhack/Readhack Firmware?



Hello Folks,

I have a Lite-On LDW-451S GSB7. I have noticed that there are a couple of firmware modifications that enhance the performance of the Lite-On LDW-451S.

The particular firmware modifications that I am interested in are the 451S@851S, Speedhack, and Readhack firmware enhancements.

Perchance has anyone incorporated these 3 firmware modifications (451S@851S, Speedhack, and Readhack) into one over clocking utility that will install all 3 enhancements in one step?

I am unaware if this “all in one utility” even exist or if it is technically possible but I sure that knowledgeable forum members will be able to enlighten this novice.

If this “all in one utility” is in fact unavailable could a knowledgeable forum member provide information on the correct sequence that the 451S@851S, Speedhack, and Readhack firmware modifications should be installed to elevate any problems.



There does not exist an all-in-one utility. Mostly because letting people choose which patchers to run gives them more freedom of choice over what happens to their firmware. If they don’t want readhacking but they want speedhacking, they can make that choice if the tools are separate.

Anyway, the order in which the patching utilities are applied does not matter.