451s@851s - Quality Issue?

As you can see im new to this… Ive looked through the forum and tried searching for what im looking for, but cant seem to find it, so here is my question…

I recently got a LDW-451s and made a few back-ups of some DVD’s using DVD Shrink with nero, and the worked great for me. Except for one, which was burnt on a Princo DVD-R 4x, when i viewed the it on my dvd player, it has come out very blurry on screen.

I was wondering if this is because of the media i used, or the result of the compression in DVD Shrink, or because some other reason???
Should i try using different software? different media??

Also, when using DVD Shrink its extremily slow, i have upgraded the firmware and made my drive run at 851s and still the same results???

Can anyone point my in the right direction to where i can solve my problems?

Thanks in advance

i don’t think it’s an issue w/ the drive itself. it might actually be the dvd’s. i’ve scanned my Memorex’s that were made by CMC Magnetics and my PI scans were ~150+. it’s horrible. but my PI scans w/ Ricoh’s were ~11 and below. you should check up on the 451s@851s post. you can try different software or just a different version of DVD Shrink. do you have 3.1 yet? may play w/ the compression ratio a bit. if the movie was very long or the DVD had a lot of extras then that may have caused the quality to drop a bit. hope this helps. personally, i use CloneDVD, i’m sure not everyone here likes it. but it’s VERY easy to use. i think the concensus around here is w/ DVD Shrink but whenever i’ve tried it, it takes a LONG time. you can try DVD X Copy. but first i would try a good quality dvd such as Ricoh or Ritek. run a KProbe on it. search around the forum for KProbe and you’ll find it. there’s also a tutorial here on how to read it and use it.

Thanks for the reply… I have got DVD Shrink 3.1 and yes your right, the dvd has got heaps of extra’s, its a pitty but im thinking that im just going to have to drop them, the quality of the movie is almost unbearable to watch…

I haven’t been able to find in Ritek media as such yet, im searching the stores but no luck??

Personally I do movie only and never have a problem.
Keeping the extras requires you to compress even more and can only result in a “reduced” quality over “movie only”.

This is only my opinion