451s @ 832s

I really need some advice

I have had my 451s @ 832s and have been using princo dvdr’s with no problem even before I flashed it.

Now this is the problem I got a some genetic dvdrs I think there yuden if I remember, anyway I was always getting read errors with them at about 2-3 and above. So I just use them as cdr. I still get problems with them sometimes (a lot of coaster).

The only reason I got those crappy dvdrs is because they had no princo’s

I know princo’s are cheap but there very compatible with my burner and have only had a few coasters like maybe 1 disk out of 50 sometimes.

When I buy princo’s their usually princo’s or ritek


A few days ago I got some princo’s from another shop and had a look at dvdr id and there princo’s

This is the prob

Prob 1: When I put a dvdr in the drive it has trouble reading it so I have to reinsert the disk in a few times until it detects the disk and then burns.

Prob 2: after I burnt the disk successfully in Nero (latest ver) sometimes (like 40 percent) I get read errors when doing data verification.

Prob 3: If it successfully burns and verification works is ok. During verification the speed goes down and I hear the drive having trouble reading it. So I don’t think I’m getting a good quality burn.

Prob 4: Sometimes I get power calibration errors at the start of a burn. And I haven’t moves my pc case at all.

I have tried to revert back to 451s and even use the latest patches with no success.

I have burned about 500 dvdrs, and burnt a few times at 8x just with the genetic dvdr just to see if it would work. And I know I shouldn’t burn that fast with my burner but I was desperate.

I have tried burning the princo’s from 2.4x - 4x and the genetic from 2.4x - 8x

I have included a pic of a speed test could someone please tell me if my burn quality is really bad? (I think it is)

When I did the speed check I used my pioneer dvd-121 which is 16x and have never had a prob with it

Sorry about all this reading but I just want to know if my drive is dead?
Could this be because I have burned too much dvdr’s? Or because of firmware? (But it used to work before with the same firmware until those crappy genetic disks)

On does the LG GSA-4163B Burner support princo 4x disks?

And out of the LG GSA-4163B, Pioneer DVR-109, LiteON SOHW-1673S and Sony DRU-720A. The LG is the best isn’t it?

All I want is quality burns and media compatibility (princo’s)

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and any feedback will be great.

Here is the Speed Test with no crc Errors

I cant work out the what path to put in so i can link to my image but. basically it avarages at 4x and it the lines jump up and down. Also the green line start above the yellow line, then it goes below it

(if an op can add my pic that would be great)

Sounds to me like your burner went out on you.

So, can we only get about 500 burns out of a lite-on burner? A similar thing happend to my lite on cdr after about 500 burns. I thought the laser die’s after 1000 burns

Will the same thing happen if i get a expensive plextor dvdr?