451s@832s - problem recognizing CD/CD-RW

If someone has raised this topic please forgive me, I searched however no good result found.

I recently flashed my 451s to 832s. It has no problem reading/burning dvd, but it doesn’t recogize cd/cd-rw at all. I tried to recover back to original 451s firmware but the problem is still here! Any idea?


I have a rebadged Pacific Digital 851s that developed the same problem. It deteriorated gradually. First wouldn’t burn cd-rw, then wouldn’t burn cdrs, and finally wouldn’t recognize cds at all.

After trying out all the firmware combinations, latest, original, without success, my only recourse was to RMA the drive back.

I just got my replacement, and so far the new 851s is working fine with 832s firmware for burning both dvds and cds.

However my 451s did burn cd/cd-rw before. I afraid I made a bad flush!! Anyone has the same problem?

could be third party ide drivers like nforce or via…better to stick to ms ones…also aspi should be 4.6 or earlier. and finaly sp2. SP2 is known to deteriorate liteon drives…
try all 3 of those first before you rma the drive

Yes I recently installed SP2…what should I do now?

I’m certainly no xpert. But if you go to MS support page they have detailed info on how to deinstall SP2.

Try the drive in a different pc to check if it is a hardware of software related problem. Another simple test would be to check if your pc can still boot from the drive, incase it could do this before.

Thanks alot…let me try!