451S@832S or so I thought



I’ve tried pre-patched firmware binaries as well as used OmniPatcher on a fresh firmware bin and it still won’t let me burn past 2X on DVD-R media… It was my understanding you could increase burn speed to 4X on DVD-R media using the patches. This is using Nero burning Rom software (latest) … I’m not sure what speed the media im using is capped at (not printed on the discs) so maybe this is 2X media and that’s why it’s not allowing me to go faster?



if the mediacode isn’t in the firmware, it will ercognize the disc as 2x to give the best compatibility. (at least i think so…)


Hmm, anybody else have any thoughts?


Diversion, welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

I agree with chok0. Use DVD Identifier to find out the media details and then post them here. Then we can help you some more. :wink:


Yeap, that was it, I went and bought some name brand (Imation) 8X DVD-R discs and now Nero says I can do 4X on these :wink: Is it possible to burn 8X on DVD-Rs with the 451S?



Don’t believe you can, not possible on the 851s either (which I have).


an 4/851 upgraded to 832s can’t do 8x on -r media. only 812/832s can do.


Oh well, I suppose doubling every burn speed on my current drive is like getting a new fast burner for free, I can’t complain… Thanks fellas.