451s@832s driver issues?

I’m running XP (now SP2, though I started on SP1), and I was overjoyed to find the possibility of upgrading my firmware (LiteOn LDW-451s) to enable DL burning. And it works (kinda) though I haven’t been able to test DL yet (I’ve got a blank in the post). “Kinda” because I can only use the drive if I cancel the new hardware detection when I first log in.

Windows detects a “LiteOn SOHW-832S” but fails to find drivers for it. If I cancel, rather than finish, then the drive is listed as a CDROM drive, though I can play DVDs and I’ve successfully burned DVD-Rs. The only thing that doesn’t work is the Autoplay feature, which is irritating but I can live without it, and the properties sheet doesn’t have any DVD items, so no region setting but since the thing’s RPC1 that’s not a problem. So this is an annoyance rather than a serious problem, but I’d rather have the drive detected properly.

Before I go on to what I’ve tried, here’s my system spec (or the bits that might be relevant):

Mobile Athlon XP 2400 @ 3200
512MB PC2700
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 (nForce2 chipset)
I have my two hard drives on IDE0 and the DVD-RW on IDE1.
WinXP Pro SP2 (had the same problem on SP1)

I’ve been searching around here and not found anything too helpful. Some suggested reverting to the MS IDE drivers, rather than the nVidia set, but my machine wouldn’t even boot after that (I got a bluescreen STOP error, but I don’t recall its number - thank Bob for “Last Good Configuration”) and to set it using DMA, which it is.

I’ve tried firmwares VS04, VS08, and VS0A, all patched, and had exactly the same experience with all of them. Have I missed something? Am I doing something wrong?

Oh, great work, btw…

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Have you tried deleting the existing driver under device manager. If you run Nero InfoTool does everything look ok (DMA, ASPI…).

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Yeah, I’ve deleted the existing driver, it just does the same thing next time I boot up (or scan for new hardware). When I first flashed it I ran infotool, and it all looked about right. I’m not at the machine right now so I can’t check what it says after the most recent attempt, but my guess is it’ll look the same.

Make sure you have the latest NForce drivers and even if you do, run the installer again anyway.

Forgot to mention - I’ve done that a few times too. I even downloaded them again, despite having the most recent version on my hard drive, just in case.

Starting to sound like a problem with windows itself. When your at your drive next, check using Nero InfoTool, that you have no ASPI or ASPI 4.60 and it’s working properly. Other than that you might have to do a Windows repair.

Maybe someone else can suggest something.

Looks like you were right. Somehow ASPI 4.71 had got on there, but I still had the problems after it was gone. I went back to a restore point from a while ago (no major installations since then) and it’s all working fine now. I wonder what went wrong…


Pleased to hear it. :slight_smile:

Your the second perons I know of that has cured a firmware upgrade problem, by using a Windows retore point to go back to before the upgrade. Maybe something that is done after the flash and before the next reboot…