451s @ 832s bitsetting what am I doing wrong?


I have a 451s at 832s with VS08 firmware changed to auto bitsetting. I have been trying to burn an X-Box backup in ISO format. Every time I burn with either +R or +RW I get a succesful burn but when I check it with the LiteOn booktype utility the disks are not seen as -ROM they still read as +R or +RW. I have also used the booktype utility to set the burner to burn disks as -ROM and this doesn’t work either.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the 832s firware not capable of bitsetting? Should I be using 851S firmware (which version?). Also my LiteOn is in an external case connected via USB 2.0.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have an 812@832S in an external box, and have CG3B firmware omnipatched to auto bitsetting. Whatever I burn, if I use the LiteOn bitsetting program after the burn, it always reports that my disc is +r/+RW like you, with the option to change to ROM - but if I run KProbe and check “disc info” it correctly reports the disc as +RW, booktype ROM.
So try checking the info with Kprobe before thinking the auto bitsetting does not work!

Yes, the booktype utility report the “media type” and what you want to set the booktype to, on the next burn. It does not report the booktype setting of the disc. :wink:

And just for further info, neither does Nero ( with disc info or drive info! It seems only Kprobe really tells what you have just burned!

Intensecure and C0deKing thanks very much for your help. I installed Kprobe and it reports the booktype as DVD-ROM. :bigsmile:

I thought you could check with the LiteOn Booktype utility. Ah well I now have three backups. I should have asked here first!