451S@832 with G04s - Good kprobe, bad result

Hello, I have been using Ritek G04 discs for a while and had good results, always readable in PC and XBOX and PS2. However, today i burned a disc and the Kprobe looks fine, the PC reads it fine, however the PS2 just won’t read it properly. I have attached the Kprobe scan.

I got out a prized Taiyo Yuden +R disc sold under Verbatim Pastel Color name, burned it at 8x, and it works fine with no problems.

So I am wondering if it could be the small red block near the end causing the problem, if i’m getting very unreliable Kprobe scans, or what. The PS2 is fine, it still reads the very bad burns I made back when I first got my drive and it was almost useless back in january.

Thanks for reading, I’m going to try downloading something newer than VS0B now.

Here is the scan:

@noveltylamp that looks like a fine burn to me, especially for -R. I am surprised that it would have problems reading, since none of the PIF’s are over 4 and the PI’s are well within the 280 spec, no errors, 4x scan speed good sample and range :confused: . Since you have been getting consistently good results, my guess that this is just a singular instance of a ‘bad’ disc, and only marginally bad at the end as you noticed. Everyone (I think) experiences the occasional coaster, I know I do :iagree: ! I would recommend staying with the media and firmware that has given you such good results over an extended period of time. Keep kprobing to check results. You could also try a nero cd-dvd speed read and quality test just to get another opinion. If you continue to have bad burns, I would then recommend trying other firmwares or tweaks.

Burned another of the same discs and it didn’t work either, so i used another type of G04 disc i had, this time it’s a non-inkjet printable type, unlike the other. This one works just fine yet has higher PIF errors. Ah well, good job i’ve not many of the inkjet printable types left.

I had a similar problem with my G04s, they have a good kprobe scan but they wont work in my dvd reader on the PC.


try resetting learnt meadia with the eeprom utility…
I had 3 discs in a row like this one… then the problem went away.