451 at 8 speed with GSB6 firmware

I updated the firmware to version GSB6 (from Lite-On’s website)and then used DVD X Copy to backup LOTR 2 Towers, I used the split option to create 2 DVDs and it wrote the 1st disc in 12 minutes and the 2nd one in 11 minutes.
The movie is 3 hours long, 180 minutes so that means that the drive must be burning at 8 speed.
Has anyone else with a 411 or a 451 timed a burn and had a simular result?

To record a full disk IE. 4.7GB at 8x it takes about 8:31, to record a 4x disk it takes about 14:31. so your 12 minute burn on your drive was 4x.

sorry about that, your 451 is not burning at 8x