451@851 - no go

I’ve had a silly problem a few days ago (couldn’t patch the 851 firmware because writing to the file was disabled). But now I can’t apply the 851 firmware (GS0C) at my 451 as it says “Unable to write firmware. Please contact with your vendor.”

Don’t know what it is but the patched firmware only lists up the IDE channels when I should select a drive and not explicitely a 451 drive.

Does someone know?

Have you read through this entire thread yet for possible clues?

Try uninstalling any ‘virtual drives’ you may have, then try again.

I’ve read it entirely before and have now uninstalled any virtual drives, still no go. I’ve never had problems flashing my drive.

Maybe someone can just give me a bin of the patched GS0C cause TN Flash is running properly.


Seems to be a problem of the GS0C firmware. I was able to patch the GS0A version and flash it to my drive. Are there different versions of the ldw851fp.exe and could someone please provide a version that definitely works woth GS0C?


When you are not able to patch the original 851 firmware file using ldw851fp-exe then please check the file attributes in its properties. If there is marked “read-only” attribute for this file then you need to unmarked it.


I’ve tested it already because I’ve had these silly problems before but the cracking of the firmware per se is not a problem anymore. I have a problem patching my drive with the cracked GS0C because it seems not to recognize the drives. And this seems to be a special problem of GS0C because I was able to patch it with the cracked GS0A .

I was able to load both patched GSOA/GSOC without any problem. There is new firmware GSOF you can test it now.