451@851 & Nforce 2

I recently bought an HP A520N, and have been burning DVD’s using the included HP300c. I updated the HP drivers to the new NForce Unified, and everything seemed to be working well.

Last week the CD-Rom drive failed, so whilst replacing it I thought I would swap out the DVD burner at the same time and get the increase of speed up to 8x from the Liteon.

Anything I burnt with the Liteon would bet me no buffer level above 6% on Nero, including music cd’s.

So after having read the board here I though of moving the IDE drivers back to the original microsoft drivers. This has worked, but the hardrive output is slower with the non-Nforce.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this problem? The performance for the nforce driver on Hard drive is better.



HP A520N, 3200 Athlon XP, 512MB DDR, ASUS Nforce 2, Liteon 451@851, Liteon LDW-16, (Under repair) AIW 8500DV