451@851 (GSOC) CD-RW problem

I have 451@851 with GSOC fw. When I burn any CD-RW disk (they worked perfect on my LiteOn 40x12x40x CD burner) they are with errors. About 50-60% are OK, but other information is unreadable. Where could be the problem? Does someone else have problems with CD-RW on LiteOn DVD-RW drives?
Here is Kprobe scan (after 86% Kprope couldn’t read anymore so I pressed stop):

just guessing, but maybe ur 851 is less tolerant of that media. I don’t readily see why, but just in case u don’t have too big of a stockpile left, try another type. I was gonna suggest maybe its burning in DAO96 mode, since that caused problems for me in the past, but dao96 mode wouldn’t give u errors like that just because of the mode.
another test is to flash it back to 451, burn and check what the scans are like for reference.
keep us posted.