451@812 and bios US0A

When i have US05 bios my drive will work ok. When i upgrade bios to US0A i can’t write dvd-r :frowning: WHY? dvd+r i can write but -r no :frowning: DVD-R is Esperanza 4x

Help me, please

What happens when you try to burn the DVD-Rs?
Have you tried another brand of DVD-R?

You could always revert to a previous firmware, use the Flashfix tool (see the tools guide at the top of the forum) to patch a previous firmware version and load it back on your drive.

Read this. For the last time, it doesn’t work properly yet on most drives!

to burn dvd-r, nero write: Disc is not writeable. In Disc Info is written: that’s DVD-R is full :(. I can burn on DVD+R. When I have US05 bios i can write on -R.