45 year old mum abandons 15 year old daughter for 26 year old boyfriend

Aint this a nice story

Great story. :iagree:

who had five children by five different men

What’s the betting she was on state benefits???
It’s not only milk that should be sterilised :slight_smile:

Its just another day in the life of chavscum, the daughter will more than likely go on to follow in her mothers footsteps, if she isnt already.

Is the daughter moving to turkey aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, flee responsibility.

They should shoot her!

Who? The mother or the daughter?

How can one fly from Turkey to Britain with just 35 BP? There are just too many thousands of parents that abandon children who usually have to spend years waiting to be adopted and hate and miss their biological parents. It was a common joke when I was young because there were too many of them: “you were found below a bridge.”

I wonder what happened with this story …

BUMP :smiley: