45 minute burns with 812s



Just bought new812s firmware US0N applied and I get a 3x burner according to Nerospeed. I am using XP Pro so DMA is not an issue as it appears to be on for all my drives. Using DVD -R Princo disks. Will using +R make a radical difference. A friend has an 8x Optorite and he gets them to burn in about 15 min’s. Another friend has a Pioneer and gets the same results 15 min’s. Why is mine so sloooow??? The quality of the burns is fine. Please help. Nero Info tool says I have an 8x burner but Nero Drive speed says I only have 3X. What is happening.



If you look around this forum you will find answers on all your questions.

BTW, princo´s :a are very bad media for a Litey.



Despite that, learn to [COLOR=RoyalBlue]uninstall the relevant IDE channel [/COLOR]


I get the best burns with it. Not sure why it takes you 45 mins…

But you need to read this first…

You should read this one carefully too… http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=102664


If you’re burning with Nero, I suggest you find and download the “ForceASPI” package and then run the KillASPI" part of it. I’ve had slowdowns while burning in Nero similar to what you report and this fixed it for me.