448kbps audio coding causing problems

I just downloaded an “Xvid” movie having:
Bit rate: 448kbps (5.1 speaker system)

When i open it with DivX player (which normally can play Xvid movies), there is no audio (or just some scratch sounds), although video is alright.

While when i open it with windows media player, the audio is ok while the video is a bit laggy (i mean the layers dont move smoothly).

I have the latest ACR, OGG and DivX audio codecs. My sound card supports 5.1 channels (448kbps). So what could cause this problem? knowing that i play other movies properly (but their bit rates are less than 448kbps)

I need to play it on DivX but sound is not there.

Thanks in advance

:confused: why you don’t you try Winamp :cool:

in problem like this , i suggest you to convert video to other format like mpeg,
you can use virtual dub or premiere :iagree:

Stream][code :smiley:

I would use the genuine XviD codec to decode the file… why do you have to use DivX’s generic MPEG4 decoder?