4472 size causes disc freeze?

Has anyone else experienced disc freeze towards the end of the disc if you burn the full disc at the 4472 MB default size that DVD2one uses? I have burned this size to my DVD+RW but each time I experience lockup towards the end. Is there a reason this happens? I really don’t want to drop down from the default size, since it will cost me picture quality. What really ticks me off is the fact that the files play perfectly on my PC before burning, and 4.37 should fit on the disc. Anyone experience the same thing?


hello i had the same problems but i set the filesize in dvd2one now on 4300 and the freezing is gone:)

It seems like some DVD-Rom drives and drives in standalone players, have trouble reading to the extremities of the disk, probably to do with laser adjustment.
It’s possible also that Burners are not always good at burning to the extremities for the same reason.

To further complicate matters,certain brands of media can cause the same problem, so it’s a process of elimination, to figure out where the problem exists, as no two systems are the same.

My burner and reader drives, on the PC, work ok, but some disks struggle on one of my standalone players, but play fine on the other.

It’s all a bit hit 'n miss, depending on a lot of variables.

I have found that freezing problems are caused by using cheap dvd’s. It is worth paying the extra for dvd’s that use the Ritek G04 dye, which is a very deep purple colour. I have heard that these are much better because they are much more reflective than the discs with paler dyes. It sorted my problems out with freezing towards the end of movies and allows me to burn to the edge every time without problems.

Crap discs get unrealiabe in the outer regions. Some will even fail to burn beyond 4300 MB…you must use high quality discs if you want to go over 4400

From what I’ve seen on other forums,

4452 MB is the magic number to make DVD2one create a maximum size movie. Just FYI.

“Crap discs get unrealiabe in the outer regions.”

Well I tested it on a Verbatim DVD+RW, which failed to read the end of the disc on both my PC and standalone player. Would PrimeDisc be considered a good quality disc? That’s what I usually use to burn my final discs, it’s supposed to be double sided Ritek media, but I’m afraid to burn one, since it failed with my Verbatim. What discs would you consider good enough to burn through the complete 4.7 gigs?


I always use Traxdata (Ritek) and have never had any problems with these.

If Verbatim fail, then there is something seriously wrong…