436th comic - Happy new year 2009!

Heya everybody,

so this year is soon over. It’s time to look back and think about this year. It couls have been better… it could have been worse… well… let’s see how the future goes on.

And while you are thinking about it… enjoy the last comic for the year 2008.

Does this ring a bell? If not you should read comic number 133 again… then you might laugh one more time :iagree:


OK for those who don’t know the comic and don’t want to download the old ZIP file…

Here is the old comic number 133 from the year 2004:


and now…



All my best for the coming year Alex- Your comics keep me going.
Thanks again and “Happy New Year”

Thanks for all those comic strips, Rylex - Happy New Year! :flower:

Yo Alex-

Thanks for making my year better-

Happy New Year-eh!!

Thank you much, Alex. Hope all your holidays were/are happy, and wishing you many happy new years to come. :slight_smile:

LOL, great comic Alex!!

Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for sharing the comic strips, Rylex.