434th comic - The new Blindwrite version license key number

Heya everybody,

so I’ve visited this forum again and what do I see… very funny ads covering most of my threads. That really looks ugly and takes away my motivation to publish lots of more comics so comics will drop by from time to time.

Put some ads on top of the page or whereever you want but NOT inside my thread.

Here we go for today:

Hope you enjoyed it.


Yo Alex-

I feel your pain bra-eh!!

I concur, but please don’t let this stop you brightening up every body’s day. You really do Alex.
May I be the first (I hope) to wish you and your family seasons greetings and I hope your health and wealth improves in the New Year.

Nice comic Alex!! Keep up the good work!!

PS. I don’t see any ads on your comics? :confused:

Hey everybody,

this is really strange. When I visited some days ago I had a BIG advertisment next to my comic directly included into my post. I was really angry.

Now I’m using Adblock. A completely free plugin for Firefox to block all those banners and ads. I can really recommend this.

Namoh perhaps the ad is only showed if you are not logged in into the forum? Well I don’t know…


Alex, that’s correct, if you’re not logged in you’ll see ads, they’re gone when you’re logged in!! :iagree:

ok thanks then just forget what I said :wink:

Yo Alex-

Ok - I’ll forget (I never saw any ads either-eh)

Now get with the posting of some new ones-eh!!! :wink: