432nd comic - Mrs. Feeny's new goldfish!

Heya everybody,

I could not believe my eyes. A new Blindwrite version was listed on the website 2 days ago:

Version: 6.1.0 | Datum: 11.11.2008 | Größe: 6.5 MB

…means published on 11th November 2008? Cool… this new comic is dedicated to this version. I don’t have Blindwrite installed at the moment… what a pity.

For publishing all those Blindwrite comics I really would have thought the Blindwrite team would provide me with a free Serial number for this new version. :frowning: :frowning:

Hey Blindwrite team! I keep your software alive… so do me this little favor :iagree: … after 432 comics …
Perhaps someone should open a poll named: “Free Blindwrite for old Rylex”…

OK here’s todays comic:

Have a nice day everybody!


lol good one Alex. The future has yet to come true but i bet the next one will hold the future!

LOL!! :bigsmile:

Great comic Alex!

No free serial number for you? Those guys should be ashamed!!! :iagree: