42n 44n 55n?

which one is better? i think the 55N use a different chipset? at the end of the day, which is better?

take them all:)

The H42N and the H44N use the Renesas chipset. Both drives use the same hardware btw.
On the other hand, the H55N uses the Panasonic chipset like the H22N.

I usually burn 8x TYs @ 8x. For that purpose, the H55N is not my choice. It’s significantly slower than the H42N.

1). H55N

2). H42N

42N and 44N is the same? same hardware same firmware? then why they made 2 different models?

for cash and vista support:):slight_smile:

that’s interesting. i wanna pick up a few more burner but i got no more IDE slots. it’s bull shit, they built the new mobo with only 1 IDE. and LG don’t give much choices when it comes to SATA.

Try to get H62N. :wink:

it’s pretty hard, no one around here has it in stock (USA)

I think BestBuy has the H62L.


They have the H62N in stock, but they’re the only according to Google Products/Froogle.

you’re right, wow, i did not see that, 2 days ago i saw the LG55N at best buy, now i don’t see it anymore, they replaced it with the 62N… this is interesting, 50 bucks for the thing.

crap, just checked with BB, the drive is not available in the stores around my area.

Newegg they have 42N & 44L & 55N and BB have 62L $50 ( price drop itwas $62 :a ) with extra Bezel

i’m looking for SATA, i got like 5 IDE drive here, and only 1 IDE slot on the computer, the other 4 is sitting out side hanging out with each other, they don’t wanna have another buddy :slight_smile:

LG GSA-62L is SATA version BestBuy had this Drive & $49.99

I picked one up from BB a few weeks ago for $49.99. Works great. Burns a little better than my H42N.

I pay $62.99 with TAX :sad: around one month ago
and always my best LG burner is GSA-H10L with my TY

I guess you could have price matched it when it was on sale.

it was New I can’t go home without that :bigsmile:

that thing can’t be worth 62.99 IMO, it’s the same as the 42N just SATA, 42N goes for 30 @ newegg :)… i think around the 40-45 is good, over that is a bit rip off.

It will be on sale again i guess.

I’m in the same situation as you are but i ordered one like zevia runs here.
My new mobo has 1 IDE controller/8 SATA. Hope it works. I have not installed it yet. Is your case big enough to handle 5 drives?