4280 error

Ok I have a gateway, 64x2 processor, windows XP
I had no problem burning cd’s up to about 8 months ago when useing I-tunes. dont know what happened but I suddenly got the 4280 error when trying to burn tune’s I perchased from I-tunes. if I try to burn songs I imported to I-tunes I have no problem I can also burn cd’s through Windows Media no problem just cant burn anything I bought from I-tunes. yes I know you cant burn songs more than 7 times but I cant burn songs just perchased?So I called I-tunes NO HELP!! went to google and saw Reg CURE 100% gauranty to solve the problem and It didnt work. when I contacted REG-CURE they said they only are concerned about 32-Bit drive’s because there are more out there and there’s more money to be made off them!! so TO BAD is what I got from them and still am waiting for my refund! So now I’m here trying to see if someone can help me with this? I spent alot of money and have alot of music from I-tunes and I want to use them. Can someone Please help me out here? Yes everything is updated Windows and I-tunes 8.0 Thanks SPETERZZ

@ speterzz,

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Your problem IS the buggy error ridden Apple iTunes software program problem.

The Apple iTunes software program has a rich well-documented history of numerous conflict error problems. A prime example is to perform a Google Search (http://www.google.com) for “4280 Error” which reveals pages upon pages of iTunes 4280 Errors.

The best place to receive assistance with the Apple iTunes software program is directly from Apple iTunes.