4240N slim drive swap suggestion?

So here I have a broken a 4240N drive in my hand taken out of a semi-working compaq 915CA laptop computer, which I have to fix.

I don’t really work on laptops that much, so I need to know if slim drive connections are standard across all laptops/drives.

Can I fit in pretty much any other slim drive into the laptop? I’m intrested in GWA-4082N or similair. Suggestions would be great, doesn’t have to be fast, just cheap.

Also I’m worried about the bezel, It’s missing from the laptop, but at the same time its more of an oval shape and a bit larger then the drive itself. Could I (if I found the original bezel) remove the bezel from the upgraded drive and replace it with the original bezel ?

Not that easy, slimtype drives have connection specific firmwares.

If connection and firmware don’t fit, you’ll get IDE #1 errors…

Yeah, I thought it wouldnt be simple.
Everything seems proprietary in laptops.
My only other option is just to get the exact same drive I suppose.