420watt Power Supply other than Antec

just looking for a repable Power Supply company…one who sells quality…thanks!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Tom’s Hardware did a comparison this month:

What’s wrong w/ Antec PSU? Their TruePower line is excellent an does justify the relatively high price tag. But if you’re looking for budget PSU, just make sure you look at the +3.3/+5.0/+12 rail ratings and match them w/ those on Antec PSUs. A lot of cheapo PSUs claim high watts, but when you want quality, it’s all in the rails.

BTW, the Allied 400W is actually a really good PSU for only $34 + $6 s/h @ newegg.com. Hell, even [H]ardOCP use them on their test machines. Damn, I better get one of these for backup… not that I’ll need it w/ my Antec True480… but just in case somebody needs a spare PSU…

My Antec True-Power 480 will run 3-4 HD’s, 4 optical drives, a million fans, an O/C Athlon, an O/C ATI 9700-Pro, And several PCI cards, all with rock-stable voltages across the board. What more could I want than that?

i own an antec truepower 430 myself, but if u’re determined not to buy antec, then enermax and sparkle/fortron are popular.

thanks yall for the posts…i went to Tom’s Hardware site and the ANTEC kicks ass…and i will shell out the cash for power for the asstronomical PC !!!