42-inch PDP Panel for under 400 USD



A South Korean newspaper reported that the recent lowest prices of 37-inch LCD and 42-inch PDP TVs in China have fallen to just around US$1,000. A manager at one of the largest Chinese TV manufacturers explained that the rapid fall is because 42-inch PDP panel now costs as low as under US$300 whereas it was over US$1,500 in early 2004. Retail 42-inch PDP set costs about US$850.


LCD TVs are still a little more expensive. A 27-inch TV costs US$600 and a 37-inch TV costs US$1,200. A sales manager at a big electronics market said most of the TVs sold in the big cities in China are now either LCD or PDP.


I would really like to have a 42-inch PDP TV, but they’re still to expensive for me. :frowning: :sad: