418th comic - Guess who's back?



Heya everybody,

so one more comic before the holiday season starts… well I’m on holiday from 1st August until 24th… I sure need a break. And I don’t know if I find the time to publish another comic this week.

So here we go:

Hehe the evil spider is back!

So do you think the spider is dead? Of course not. You can’t destroy an evil spider that easiliy!

So stay tuned … the story continues on August 2008 :iagree: :clap:



ahahha another good one Alex and have a nice vacation!


[QUOTE=Bob;2102045]ahahha another good one Alex and have a nice vacation![/QUOTE]

Ditto. :slight_smile:


Yo Alex-

Another good un-eh!!!


John’s face!!