4167B wont burn/read DVD.....only CD

Hi all,
I have a GSA-4167B which had been working away for the past many months along with a Matshita CDRW on the same cable, no problems. What happened yesterday, i decided to put my CDRW in another machine but took out the DVDRW instead and put in another machine. Then i realized, oops wrong one, so i took out the CDRW from my machine and replced the DVDRW where it should have been. But now, xp sp2, after turning on the machine only sees ths 4167B as a CD burner, wont read/DVDs. I have now put back the CDRW exactly as they were before, but no good. Upgraded to DL13, but still…nothing…i have no idea what has happened or how to fix this. Am using Nero 7…and everything was wroking ok till yesterday…somebody pleaes help

Thanks a lot…Ramz

Try another PSU (Powersupply). LG 4167B is known for being sensible to defective/bad quality PSU. Curiously I’m with a friend’s computer here waiting for a new PSU: he noticed that something was wrong when his 4167B stopped to read dvds. I’ve put my psu in his computer and it worked fine. So I put the old psu back in his computer and the problem returned.


Thanks, will try…what i didnt mention, incase it is relevant is that 4167B does read CD and burns them too…but wont read/burn DVD after i took it out and put it back in. Should i/can i take it back to someother firmware if thats what the problem is?? its too late to get a PSU so will do that tomorrow and see waht happens and post my experience.

merci beaucoup!

Yes, same behavior here: 4167B burning/reading cds only. So we replaced the psu and everything goes fine again. ^^ :bigsmile: