4167B Quality Scans

MCC 004, Verbatim-branded 16x +R media at burned at 16x. (This drive takes 11 seconds longer than 4163B to write MCC 004 at 16x due to a 40-second initial OPC/lead-in time.)

RICOHJPN R03 at 16x. Failed at the beginning of the burn, immediately after lead-in.

MCC 02RG20, Nexxtech-branded 8x -R media, burned at 8x.

RITEK G05, Maxell-branded 8x -R media, burned at 8x.

MCC 003, Verbatim-branded 8x +R media, burned at 8x.

MBIPG101 R04, Memorex-branded 8x +R media, burned at 8x.

TDK 003, TDK-branded 16x +R media, burned at 12x. (The drive limited this media to 12x P-CAV even though 16x was requested.)

CMC MAG AM3, Memorex-branded 16x -R media, burned at 12x.

I hope LG hooks you up with some firmware :slight_smile:

Firmware DL12. Memorex-branded 8x media, CMC MAG. AE1, burned at 8x.

Firmware DL12. Memorex-branded 16x media, CMC MAG. AM3, burned at 12x. No 16x write strategy available for this media.

Firmware DL12. Verbatim-branded 8x media, MCC003, burned at 8x.

Firmware DL12. Nexxtech-branded 8x media, MCC 02RG20, burned at 8x.

Firmware DL12.

Memorex-branded 16x media, RICOHJPN R03, burned at 12x: the disc was not closed at the end of the burn. Attempted to close in another drive, failed.

TDK-branded 8x media, TYG02, attempted to burn at 8x twice. First disc was stuck for 3+ minutes spinning at high speed in lead-in, never began recording (later reused in another drive). Second disc stopped at <100 MB with an invalid address error (coaster, thrown away).

That seals this drive’s fate. It’s going back to the store for a refund.

This thread reads like a sad short story… I think I will wait for the new HD formats before I buy another drive.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the scans. How do the lg burned verbatim scans compare to the ones burned by the benq 1640?

4167 burned MCC 02RG20 pretty well. Although the initial, 260 MB long area burned at 6x CLV has elevated PIE levels, and a bunch of PIFs (as you can see here and here), they weren’t bad burns by any stretch.

Here’s MCC 02RG20 from the same 25-pack, burned by BenQ 1640 at 8x P-CAV and 12x P-CAV: