4167B dvd-ram burning speed slow


my problem is that the writing speed on Panasonic 3x dvd-rams is very slow (about 500 kb/s). Sometimes when I start the burning-process the speed is ok (about 2 mb/s), but during the burning-process it slows down again.
The dvd-r writing/reading-speed is fast as it should be.
I’m using InCD and the latest firmware DL13, the drive is working in dma-mode.

To solve the problem I’ve already tried to

  • use ‘the other’ dvd-ram driver
  • format the dvd-rams with other filesystems ( udf 1.5, udf 2.0, fat 32 )
  • format the dvd-rams physically
    … without success.

Any ideas to solve this problem?


A 3x DVD-RAM actually writes effectively at 1.5x as it verifies everything it writes. Having done a full physical format should get you to this max speed.

Why use InCD anyway as with a proper DVD-RAM driver you can just drag & drop. It could be that InCD is what’s slowing it down.

Beyond this I haven’t a clue I’m afraid.