4167B DL13 Anti-Riplock + Region Free Firmware By TDB

This is actually alluded to in another thread, but nobody seems to notice it, so I’m starting another thread for it here as an announcement.

TDB have released an anti-riplock version of DL13 for the 4167B. What it does :

  • DVD-VIDEO SL now rips at 16x
  • DVD-VIDEO DL now rips at 12x

The firmware comes in RPC1 and auto reset flavours, so you get region free + riplock removal.

WIth LG’s normal firmware :

  • DVD-VIDEO SL ripped at 10x
  • DVD-VIDEO DL ripped at 8x

DL12 and DL13 (and probably future firmware revisions as well)

  • DVD-VIDEO SL ripped at 5x
  • DVD-VIDEO DL ripped at 5x

As you can see, LG increased the severity of the riplock on the drive in DL12 and DL13 followed. Why is a mystery.

All the details, download links, pain, gnashing of teeth, etc, here :

Thanks to TDB for getting this done. :slight_smile:

could someone please host a direct link to the anti-riplock DL13 firmware? I don’t think the TDB site is working right now. Thanks

rpc1.org is currently down, so you have to wait a bit.

The read speed of my new H10A is actually listed as…
DVD-VIDEO - 4.8 max

As shown on the spec sheet that came with it.

What has this to do with a 4167?? :confused:

I just thought it gives an idea of what LG is aiming for on “all” it’s drives, if the spec sheet that comes with one is quoting that now, that’s obviously where they want it.

It was maybe also too subtle a hint that us H10A guys may want a firmware fix as well…

Sorry for being off topic though.

So, start a thread and post some graphs.

The 4167B firmware is now posted on our page. http://tdb.rpc1.org/#GSA4167B

Brother Vlad

Any chance we could see a DL12 version as well. For some reason, my 4167 burns much better with the older version; not the first time either. LG seems to do this a lot.

Does anyone two years later still have this firmware, this topic is about?
http://rpc1.org is down…

Hi MaloWatt :slight_smile:

PM me with an email address, I still have the anti-riplock firmware archived on my PC :slight_smile: