4167B - can't burn faster than 6x

I put my 4167B inb an old PC and it won’t burn faster than 6x. I’m guessing it’s because the specs are too poor?

thouse specs look ok, try doing a burst rate test with cd speed.

14 MB/s

14 a bit low are you using a 80 wire ide lead? i get 24 mb/s on mine.

14MB/s is definitely too low. I get 22MB/s with the same drive on an Athlon 700 with 384MB of RAM. That system has no problems burning at 8x.

I don’t think it is a case of needing an IDE cable either. The system above uses a 40 wire ide cable. Besides, the 4167B only supports UDMA2 max, so you don’t get much benefit in using an 80 wire cable.

My guess is one of two things :

  1. Something funny going on with the IDE drivers. Try and get the latest version of IDE drivers for your motherboard from Gigabyte’s website. If that is a VIA chipset motherboard, do NOT get the latest version of IDE drivers directly from VIA. VIA’s own website (VIAarena) recommends not using the latest version of VIA 4-in-1 drivers with older chipset motherboards because it can cause problems.

Do a burst rate test after that and see what you get. You want about 21MB/s or more.

If that still doesn’t work out, uninstall your IDE drivers totally. The system will reboot and automatically load window’s own IDE drivers which should work properly.

  1. Although your settings seem to indicate that DMA is on, the big question is what mode of DMA is it in? You need UDMA2 (ultra DMA2). Yours looks like it might be in multi word DMA2. I’m not sure how to go about fixing that with your system.

What discs were you using that would only burn at 6x?

You shouldn’t need an 80wire IDE cable for this drive. However, the past has shown that those 40wire IDE cables are mostly of bad quality…

Dunno, mine are fine. I get a 26MB/s burst rate out of my 40 wire IDE cable on a different system. In any case, if it doesn’t work, I’ve got another 20 or so spare 40 wire cables to swop with :wink: