4167B - Burn quality with TYG02

I just purchased a 4167B to replace my old sony DWU10, but I’m surprised by the results of ome scans I made on my father’s NEC 3540 (FW 1.01). SCans mention much more failures than I could see on some scans posted on this forum. Could you tell me if you think the quality of my burned DVDs is OK, and if I could do something to improve it (change burn speed ? firmware ?, etc…)?
Could burnng at lower speed improve quality ?

For your info, I use Panasonic TYG02 DVDs, and I burn at 8x.

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For comparison with my previous scans (burnt with my 4167), here is a scan of a DVD burnt witht the 3540 used for scanning my dvd. The dvd has been burnt also at 8x and it is a also a panasonic TYG02. Failure rate looks lower than on my drive. Could it be because NEC drives read better “NEC burnt DVDs” ?


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nec drive’s are not good scanners :slight_smile: better do a TRT test :slight_smile:


By TRT test, you mean transfer rate test ?
I’ll try performing one with my LG drive and post it here, but how do you interpret it ? I mean how do you know if quality of burn is good or not ?

I have another question: if I have datas/videos very important to me, and for which I want to offer best burn quality, should I burn my TYG02 disks at 1x instead of 8x ? Would it help or, on the contrary would it be not adapted to my 8x capable TYG02 disks?

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i dont know much about lg’s but with nec you should get a clear 16x at the end without any slowdown’s, that a good burn.

You should get a smooth curve up to 10x with the LG writer (they only hit 10x max with DVD+/-R discs). It’s sudden and drastic dips that indicate a problem with the burn. If you are in doubt, you can post the image of the TRT here and we can help critique the thing.

No, there isn’t any point in doing that. The 4167B burns TYG02 discs with very good quality at 8x. I have the drive and burn TYG02 discs regularly. You won’t really any real quality improvement with a 1x burn. All you will end up doing by burning at 1x is wasting your time. In any case, I don’t think the drive supports TYG02 at 1x. :slight_smile:

Oh btw, what version of firmware are you using? The latest is DL13 and includes quite a few bugfixes and support for new media. You might want to flash your drive to that if you are not already using that version.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your help.
I had no time yesterday to make the TRT test, but I’ll defnitily run it an dpost it here.

Iam still using delivered FW (DL11 I believe), but indeed I’ll try to load latest DL13.
Which DL13 should I use, by the way: the official DL13 listed in tdb.rpc1.org, or the riplock one ? and in this zip file, there are 2 files: dl13fast and dl13fst1.
I searched the forum with these names, but couldn’t find posts. ON forums of RPC1 I found some posts : as I’m not interested in region setting, but mainly in reading speed (I check all my dvds), do you think I should use the DL13fast or keep the official DL13 ?
Also, I did not find a topic for How to flash my LG drive (I found many for NEC drives…): should I start winXP in Safe mode and run the FW .exe ? or should I check something else before ?

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The riplock firmware only removes the riplock for DVD-VIDEO discs. It does not do anything about the read speed for DVD+/-R discs or DVD+/-R DL discs. There is no firmware to deal with that issue right now.

Bear in mind that using this firmware will invalidate the warranty of your drive. Some people are comfortable with this and some are not. It is up to you do decide, based on the features it provides. Using official firmware of course, does not invalidate your warranty.

The two different files inside the riplock firmware zip file have to do with how they defeat region coding :

DL13FAST : auto reset firmware. Drive is RPC2 and you need to set the region code to the same as that of a DVD movie disc you want to watch. However, when you reboot the system, the number of changes resets itself. So there is no limit to how many times you can set the region code. This method needs no special software for defeating region coding.

DL13FST1 : RPC1 firmware. Drive is region free but you need to run software (e.g. DVD Genie, free) to defeat part of the region protection that exists in Windows itself.

Actually, the instructions are found on LG’s website when you download firmware from it. However, I have included the basic instructions here :

LG’s firmware updates are just an EXE file you run from Windows. You do not really need to boot into safe mode but if this is the first time you have flashed an LG writer, you can do so, just to play safe. There have been a few cases where some driver interfered with the flashing process and caused an unsuccessful flash. Booting into safe mode avoids that problem.

The basic instructions for flashing an LG writer are :

  • make sure there are no other programs running and as few things running in the background as possible when you flash the drive
  • make sure there is no disc in the writer
  • start the flashing program by just double clicking on it
  • start the flashing process by clicking on the “start” button
  • do NOT reboot or shut off the power during the flashing process
  • eventually the flasher will tell you it is done and will give you an option to reboot (the start button will change into a reboot button). You can then click on that and the system should reboot
  • Windows may tell you that it has “detected a new device” when it restarts. It thinks new firmware=new DVD writer. This is normal.
  • The whole flashing process should take about a minute or so, maybe slightly faster.


Thanks a lot for your advice and explanations.
I decided to follow you and load the official DL13 firmware… and later on I’ll see if I try another unofficial one.

I attach 2 burns I made, one with the old DL11 FW (with one “big peak”) and one with the DL13 one (almost no peak).
What do you think ?

By the way, I realized a weird behavior: when I insert a DVD in my old drive, I see in Explorer the label of the DVD (like “archive2” or “MYVideo”), but if I insert the same DVD in my 4167 drive, Windows keeps showing “Lecteur DVD-RAM” (=“Drive DVD-RAM” in English) though it mentions a disk is inserted by mentionning total size and free space. Is it normal ? How can I do to make the label appear ?

Thanks again !


Anyone could help me on my quality issue and the label issue ?


The quality issue is pretty straightforward - the disc burned with DL13 is better since the curve is slightly smoother. I know for a fact that DL12 onwards has quite a big improvement in burn quality for some discs. It looks like DL13 improved burn quailty for the discs you use.

I’m not sure about the label problem. I have to check my two LG writers and see if they do the same thing.

Re: the label thing. I just put a burned DVD+R into my 4163, and the drive label changed to the DVD one.

Can’t try my 4167 right now, as it’s “between PCs”.