4167 slow burning

Hi, I have a dr. hank media, the code is GSC003 that supports 8x
So when I burn with nero takes about 15 min when should takes about 8 min

I have the dl12 in the drive and already tried downgrade, no success
But in a gwa 4164 from a friend it takes 8 min

Maybe is a problem with 4167 and the media??



You may want to take a look at my install and/or firmware change proceedure here:



thanks a lot bigmike7 !! my LG 4167B DVD burner was taking about 20 minutes to burn a movie at 8x :confused: and i could’nt figure out what was wrong until i saw your post…it turns out the problem was the nVidia nForce IDE/ATAPI controller, i uninstalled it and when back to the Windows XP controller and everything is back to normal !! i can burn my dvd’s in about 8 Min… :slight_smile: