4166 or 4167 which to get?



Other than Lightscribe, what’s the big difference between these two drives? Can you make bit setting permanent or does it have to be reset every time you power down like my 4163. I quit using my 4163 because of this bit setting problem.


They are entirely different internally. The 4167B is pretty much a successor to your 4163B and uses a later evolution of the chipset used by that drive. So like your 4163B, it doesn’t do auto-bitsetting either. However, there is third party firmware that will make this drive do auto bitsetting. The catch of course, is that third party firmware invalidates your warranty. If you are the sort of person who uses region free firmware, then this won’t matter to you, since it involves pretty much the same thing.

The 4166B uses an entirely different chipset and so has quite different features. It does feature auto-bitsetting out of the box. However, it’s a lot more expensive than the 4167B because of the lightscribe feature.

Both drives have pretty good burn quality so it is a case of risk vs price. It’s up to you.

On a side note, you are aware that there is a little utility that can be configured on your system so that it automatically does the bitsetting on your 4163B (or even the 4167B) each type you bootup right? This eliminates the need to set the booktype manually and gives the drive a form of auto bitsetting in a sense.


I just got a 4166B this morning and it reported booktype settings as DVD-ROM for +R and +R DL media with firmware 1.02. The first burn of a +R disc confirmed that.

With that out of the way, you can make your decision based on other features.


I knew about the little utility for the GSA-4163, but I would rather have it native in the drive. Thanks everybody for the info on the drive, I bought one tonight from a local store and I will be checking it out in the next couple of days. I bought one of the new Benq DW-1670/Sony DRU-820’s and a IO magic version of the Benq dw-1670 also. They are supposed to have the same Panasonic chip set as the GSA-4166B. I will have to see which one works the best.


I purchased the 4166B after reading so many glowing reviews on the board from users…and they all were pretty much on the dime. This drive does EXCELLENT burns / scans…consistently. I replaced a Plextor 716A with this drive and have never regretted it. Blows away anything from Plextor, Benq or Yamaha. Bitsetting is automatic with this drive. Over the past few years…many have complained about the Panasonic chipsets for DVD burners…but LG has really got something with this one and their firmware. Well worth the investment…I can see this drive lasting awhile. Once Blue Ray or HD are standard…this drive will stay…



the 4166B reads DVD±R at 16x. The 4167B does it at only 10x.

however, the 4166B can’t seem to overspeed 8x DVD+R without MediaCodeSpeedEdit.


That depends only on the used firmware and the biggest point is always the used media (quality)!