4165 same as 4167? Which to buy, 4163, 4165 or 4167?



I’ve been following a number of threads about the various LG drives for the past few months. I just did a search in this forum for “4165” and read all the threads that came up with hits. I’m still very confused about the current LG drives.


That page shows that the 4165 and 4167 aren’t the same size, which would seem to indicate that the drives are different.

However, this post from mobilenvidia:


indicates that the 4165 is actually the same size as the 4167.

Someone posted the list of supported media for both the 4165 and the 4167 and there were some slight differences, I think the list for the 4167 supported a few more media types.


That announcement says that the 4165 was going to be delayed until August 2005 but would be renamed as the 4167.

One local store here in Toronto lists the 4163 for sale, but says that it’s going to be replaced by the 4167. A couple of Toronto stores sell both the 4163 and the 4165.

What would the readers of this forum recommend as the drive to buy?

The 4163 seems to be a mature product, a review of the 4167 said that the firmware prior to version D11 had problems writing to DVD.

Should I buy the 4165 or wait for the 4167? Or are they actually the same drive anyway? Would the 4163 be favoured because it’s an older, better known drive?


Just add the 4168 to your list, as it seems to include LightScribe…but not yet on the shops, probably.
And if you want to antecipate, 16x DVD-RAm is almost here, so…when will LG come to the market with a new model…plus some rumours about LG leaving this market segment, that I didn’t see so many comments about - not even a denial from LG.
And I was aalready caught once by a situation like that, when Yamaha got out the CDR drive production just after I bought the CRW-F1…


On page 2 of this sub-forum you’ll find this thread. :rolleyes:


Hi Namoh.

Yes, I know all about that thread. The quote from mobilenvidia’s post that I included in my original post came from the very thread you linked to. As you should have seen, the link I gave to mobilenvidia’s post is the same one you included, I added the thread link to mobilenvidia’s post to avoid the very misunderstanding you fell into. Oh well, best laid plans of mice and men and all that. :doh:

As I said in my original post, I think I’ve read every single post about the 4165 in cdfreaks and it’s still unclear what the relationship is between the 4165 and 4167.

One of the problems with just reading thread headers is that the title of the thread often gives no clue about its final contents. You can’t conclude that the issue in the thread title has anything to do with the question at hand, or that the thread came to any conclusion about that question.

The thread we both provided a link for does ask the question about the differences between the various LG drives but comes to no conclusion about the questions I posed, is the 4165 the same as the 4167 and which of the two drives, if they are in fact different, is the preferred drive to buy? Or is the 4163 still the favoured drive, possibly like the NEC 3500 is still regarded to be a better drive than the 3520 and 3540?

Next time I’ll include both the link to the thread and the text of the thread title.


I just bought the 4165 from Netlink a week ago. Never bought a 4163. I come
from the 4120. I had some corruption problems with using Panasonic DVD-RAM 3X
with the 4120, so that’s why I bought the new one. Otherwise no problem
with the 4120.

The drive is a July production with DL03 firmware from LG’s China plant. It’s
the new short chassis version, the same bezel and dimension as the 4167,
the “newer, faster, cheaper, better” of LG’s manufacturing strategy.

I got mines as “LG bulk retail” ( Canada ) with plastic bag, rubber band, single
CD worth of Nero ( 302MB ), PowerDVD5, Power Producer 2 Gold, PDF manual.
The “burn” date of the CD is January 05. Have not used the CD. It says Nero
Express, but I think it is a full version of Nero ROM, and installs based on the
your previous serial or license, which otherwise defaults to install just Nero

This is just my initial impression that I am able to share. From what I can tell
the drive can do 48X CD-R, same as the 4167, which is contrary to what
HLDS posted on their site. This was already mentioned by MobileNvidia. I
would assume the only difference between the 4165 and the 4167 is that the
4167 can do 6X(DVD+R-DL) versus 4X(DVD+R-DL) for the 4165. Booktype is
available the same way it was implemented since the 4120. The 4163 cannot
do any DVD-R-DL.

However, there is something I dislike about the new cheapness of LG’s drives.
Compare to my Korean made 4120, the new drive bezel looks good until you
see the grain of the plastic up close. Just yuck. I prefer the smooth matt black
plastic of component electronics, that’s all. But definitely, the “feel” of the
plastic on my 4120 was thicker and better. I think this is the same with the
last of the Korean 4163 also. Whereas the tray closes with a soft thud on my
4120, the new drive’s tray closes with a clackety sound as it bounces on the
bezel before being latched. The front circuit board is made of material of the
60’s transistor radio circuit board, whereas it is full fiberglass PCB on the 4120.
The rear business end of the drive’s circuit board, however, is still fiberglass
Further hints of the cost-cutting cheapness is found on the drive’s cover and
chassis metal. It sure made the 4120 feel like it is enclosed in tank. And
finally, when a disk is ejected, it would scrape the bottom of the drive cover
for some reason, but not always. So I would say the Korean made drives had
a better “fit and finish” feel compare with the newer Chinese made ones.
Otherwise, the drive’s guts performs just as well and even quieter seeks than
my 4120. I only notice the seeks are a little slower than my 4120. So I guess
the new “cheap throw-away goods” that LG is pursuing to these drives lately
is bound to happen. I just prefer good fit and finish I had with the 4120 over
cheap throw aways of today’s LG drives.

So yeah, the drives have come to a “cheap throw-away” price too. It is not
much more than the 4163 nowadays. I wouldn’t be pondering which to buy
between the 4163 and 4165, unless you just want to wait for a little “upgrade”
4167 with the 6X-DVD+RDL feature.


I have exactly the same dilema, i don´t know if to buy the 4163 because it´s already fully tested since last year, or one of the 4165/4167 because they are new and have some improvements, an article or review of the newer models 4165 or 4167 would be helpful


Thanks Steve_C, that was a very informative post.

A friend of mine who has a 4082 found out how to get to the LG firmware web page. I just checked the LG support site, it seems the 4165 has a firmware update, version DL04.

If you go here:

and then select “Device Driver” and then "DVD_ROM (writer) you’ll see the current firmware LG has for each drive. The web page seems to dynamically build each view, so I can’t give you a final url for the firmware web page.

Here is what LG says about the 4165 and 4167 firmware versions:

Ø New firmware (ver. DL11) for only GSA-4167B(Internal 16X Super multi DVD Writer)

¡ß Model:GSA-4167B
¡ß Ver:DL11
¡ß Improvement Point
-. Improvement of recording quality for CD-R
-. Improvement of recording quality for DVD¡¾R 16X
-. Improvement of readability for DVD-ROM DL

Ø New firmware (ver. DL04) for only GSA-4165B(Internal 16X Super multi DVD Writer)

¡ß Model:GSA-4165B
¡ß Ver:DL04
¡ß Improvement Point
-. Improvement of rewriting ability for DVD-RAM
-. Improvement of recording quality for Ultra speed CD-RW
-. Improvement of recording quality for some DVD¡¾R and DVD¡¾RW

It looks like two different sets of firmware and each version fixes a different set of issues. It doesn’t look like a single unified program (which would support the idea that the 4165 and 4167 are not identical), unless the D11 and DL04 updates merge the two drive programs into one firmware version.

I had read about the new not so good look and feel of the 4167 in a review I read. That same review said that the firmware version before D11 was so bad at writing some DVD media, they didn’t want to talk about it.

Have you tried very many DVD R and DVD RW burns with the 4165? Mobilenvidia mentioned that the 4165 pretty much burns anything he throws at it.

I had read that the 4163 was the last of the Korean made drives. Given your experience, do you think the 4165 is a sufficiently better drive to make up for the lower quality fit and finish of the drive?


Hi tomfjg. Here is a link to a 4167 review:


This part from that Conclusion section of that review caught my eye:

" We don’t dare describe the writing quality with the previous fw DL10."

That would imply that the 4167 firmware may not be derived from the 4165. You’d think that if the 4167 firmware came from the 4165, the 4167 program would be a bit more mature and that something apparently as bad as the DL10 version wouldn’t have been possible.

I haven’t yet found a review of the 4165.