+-+ 4164 lg overload & lock +-+



many times i recurred to this cd freaks forum to help myself up in solving several issues.

now is time for me to post new thread here in order to seek help.

i have a major respect for mr Kenshin because he seems to know a lot!

so this is my problem:

i just setup a system all brand new

mobo intel d845gvsrl
2 sticks kingston 256 ddr 400 , total 512!
hd 80 ide seagate barracuda 7200
and the infamous 4164B from lg.

win xp sp2 professional brazil
directx 9 (default)
mediaplayer 9 defaul
power dvd 6


when i am watching a movie with power DVD 5, or power dvd 6 or even win dvd…i noticed one weird behaviour of the drive: THE GREEN LED BLINKS TOO FAST!!! LIKE A MACHINE GUN.PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

this makes the drive overload and lock the movie, makin impossibel to watch a blockbuster video, or even a home authored and burned dvd.


IF I WATCH IN MEDIAPLAYER 9 the LED , the green one BLINKS SLOWN, AT A NORMAL BEHAVIOUR. it means like, a , blink 1 per second… (sometimes chancge when more white on the screen of course)

so resuming:

if i play with windvd, powerdvd…the led blinks FAST and the movie after 5 minutes LOCK

if i play mediaplayer …the led blinks SLOW and all is ok

so what i am supposed to do?

move around the DMA seetings? i cant find out the options to enable disable DMa on my xp.

i think the DMA is already on in XP…

so …what i do?

why mediaplayer access the drive in a cool , slow way

and the others overloads the drive making the led blink sooooooo fast?



i switched for a 4163b in the same system, and guess what


so the problem is not on the drive, but in the way it talks to the computer


This sounds like a bad disc. Does this happen on all movies?


hi erik

thanks in advance for trying to help. nice

well not a disc problem indeed, because many many DVD’s same problem.

the thing is : in media player, all ok, all smooth, the led blinks at a normal rate.

now, at power dvd, win dvd…the led blinks like a wild horse. lol

i think the issue is a bug between powerdvd X directx X DMA

what you think?:


Try using nero drivespeed to lock the dvd speed to a low speed.


thanks Zohg

i will try that then ill post a reply in here