4163b - UK site Firmware instructions

  1. Connect the drive as ¡°master¡± by it self, on the secondary IDE <----controller with
    no other device on the same IDE cable, making note to set the jumper on
    the back of the drive to the ¡°master¡± position.

  2. Download the file GSA-4163A105(EW).ZIP to a folder of your choice.
    This download includes this “Read me(ew)” text file, as well as the GSA4163A105.EXE
    program, which will auto-update your drive¡¯s firmware.

  3. Close all other programs including: screen saver, antivirus and/or power-down programs.
    (If these programs are not closed, they will try to engage the PC, during the update process,
    thus interrupting the update and damaging the drive).

  4. Check the drive to ensure that there is no disk in the tray
    before you start the update procedure.

  5. Go into the folder with the update file and double click the GSA4163A105.EXE program
    and click the¡°update¡±button (red). Once the update is complete,
    you will see¡°Firmware Update Complete¡±and the button will become green
    and advise you to reboot the system.

¡Ø You will need to reboot your PC
The update will be complete, after you reboot your system


question is - 1) mentions secondary master - seems a bit particular ?

can’t see it would matter which one you used ?


Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve used them all, primary master-primary slave-secondary master-secondary slave- usb external.
Didn’t see any difference except with usb of course. Switch off/disconnect usb whilst rebooting.

It doesn’t seem to matter what channel you use - however, I highly recommend starting Windows in “Safe Mode” before flashing. It doesn’t mention that, but it is “safer”. :wink:

thanks people

i’m thinking of upping my new LG to the 105 firmware

i also have a benq 1640 new with BSEB firmware which i’ll also up

zebadee - thats some drive collection dude !

I´ve installed the GSA4163A105.exe and I received a message “can´t find the target drive”. I followed the instructions on the readme first.
Does anyone knows why?

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum caje. :clap:
What is the current f/w of drive? If you don’t know, download & run FWCheck from link in my sig.

Did you get that error message while trying to flash in safe mode?

First , thanks to the tip about auto detect idle.
The Firmware version is A102.I´ll try in safe mode…

No success. I´ve tried in safe mode and the same aswer: "can´t find the target drive"
I don´t undestand. I see the drive in the windows explorer and works ok.
I´ve been trying to update because the old A102 firmware do not recognize new DVD media.

My guess is you probably have some kind of drivers running which are interefering with the flashing program. Things like region protection defeating software (e.g. AnyDVD), virtual drives or stuff like might be responsible.

As for why the drive isn’t recognised in safe mode, do you have Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drivers installed (DVDForm)? I’ve noticed that when that is installed, the drive is inaccessible in safe mode.