4163B strange scan graphs

OK, every CD scan turns out to be like this; not a straight line and more like a “zigzag”, DVD scans seems to be fine.

Plus my 4163 doesnt seem to burn +R TY 8X (authentic, TG001162) very well as I’m having mixed results, some tend to burn and then read just fine and others the drive fails to read after burning.

Is there something wrong my drive ? The drive originally came with firmware A102 then I updated to A105 and a few months ago I switched to A106 all to no avail. I’ll swap the cable for an 80 conductor one and see if that helps.

A transfer rate test is not a “scan”, it’s a transfer rate test. But putting semantics aside, the tests are normal. The little squiggles are due to background CPU activity. If you load the CPU, like opening a program, you can see much larger squiggles.

The LG burner, as I recall, does not like TY CDR’s very much. The default burn speed is probably 32x. Reduce that to 24x and you should get good burns. My old 4163 really liked Ritek CDR’s, and would burn them well at full speed.

Interesting as I thought those squiggles were troublesome but it happens even when all other applications are closed. When that screenshot was taken CPU load was 3~5%.

The first picture is from a Maxell branded Ritek CD-R and yes LGs tend to like them very very much, I used to burn them at 52X in my old LG CD-RW drive.

As for the second picture, it’s from a TY DVD+R 8X, you can see there is a small dip at around 3.0GB but I guess thats normal. Other media from the same spindle will be recognized but wont even start the transfer test, and some will stop during the process, most were burned at 12X instead of the rated 8X.

So LGs don’t like TY DVDs that much as well ? I’ve seen some great burns with TY media but why am I having these mixed results ?

I’m going to put a spanner in the works here. I’ve had great burns from my 4163B and unbranded TY CDRs (admittedly, they were burned at 32x).

There are scans around somewhere, but I’m too lazy to dig them out :wink:

Sorry, you are wrong here. TY CD-R is the best stuff you can feed a 4163 or 4167 with. For lowest jitter, 24x is recommended, but the drive is also excellent at 40x.

Maybe you mixed that up with Liteon SHM-165P6S/Sony DW-G120A - these don’t like TY CD-R with recent firmwares.


OK and what about TY DVD±R ?

The 4163B will burn TY DVD+Rs (YUDEN000 T02, YUDEN000 T03) very well - though the T03s (16x) I find burn better at 12x.

No idea about TY -Rs, as I don’t use much -R media. :slight_smile:

I have some Sony branded YUDEN000 T02 that I’m having these mixed results, what do you think I should try next ? Another firmware ? AN16 maybe ? The 80 conductor cable might help ?

To be honest, I’ve never tried the Sony T02s (can’t get them here), so I can’t comment except to say maybe media variation?

I’ve used Verbatim T02s though, and they perform superbly with A106 firmware (oh, and an 80-wire cable). :slight_smile: