4163b speed problems

My 4163B is writing disc at very slow speeds, I tried the Nero cd-dvd speed tester thing, and the speeds of my fujifilm (FUJIFILM03) and memorex (CMC MAG. AM3) dvds are about 1.27x, both of these dvd-r are unrecognizable by 4163b, but are these speeds slow for an unrecognizable dvd?

Sounds like you do not have DMA enabled on one or more drives.

How do I enable the DMA, currently I have my cd writer on one of the ide port, and i have my dvd writer connected to my hard drive on the other ide port

DMA fixing is here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

Also, you should put your optical drives on the same port if possible and avoid the HD port.

Lastly, your problem is probably not only DMA; LG firmware does not support CMC MAG AM3 but the FUJI should be OK. Do you have A106?

i have a104, if i change the dvd drive to connect with my cd drive, would it mess my computer up in anyway?

No, and it is not totally necessary, just a good idea in some systems. Make sure you have an 80 wire cable and you set the jumpers correctly for master and slave. I prefer the DVD drive as master but it really makes no difference.

A104 should recognize FUJIFILM03 at 4X and 8X. None will recognize the CMC, you should avoid them.

oh alright, thanks, it is neccessary for me to update my firmware to a106?

It wouldn’t hurt but it really depends on your media choices. It is possible that there are improvements and it may add some ID you will need but LG is already near perfect.