4163B Slow Ripping

Hi all -

I have just replaced 2 NEC3500s with LG4163b.
Just updated the Firmware in both to A105.

Decided to rip one of my DVDs and it took an hour and twenty minutes.
Both of the NECs ripped the same DVD in less than 20 minutes.

I have not changed any cabling, just a straight swap with the NECs.

I take it I will be looking for a Firmware upgrade that will help?

Any ideas please - or will I have to go back to the NECs.


That is very strange. My 4163B has never taken that long to rip a disc. Usually it takes me 20 or less for a DL disc. What software were you using for ripping and what type of DVD disc (SL/DL) were you trying to rip? Also check if DMA is enabled for that drive.