4163B - should I upgrade to A105?

As per the title, is there any real compelling reason for me to upgrade to A105 from the A104 that came with the unit? Should I go for the stock LG A105 or go with the auto-reset A105 (by TDB)*?

If I understand correctly, I should jumper the GSA-4163B to master, hook it up to the second IDE channel and just run the executable? (You’ll have to excuse me, here - I’ve never flashed an optical drive before, so I don’t know the procedure or the chances that something’ll go horribly wrong, and flashing the BIOS on any system always makes my heart stop for a few minutes :o)

Oddly enough, I don’t seem to be using the drive very much :doh: I’m pretty much letting my Plextor Premium do most of the heavy lifting on this rig.

*The only reason I can think of for using the auto-reset firmware is that I watch quite a few R2 DVDs, but, meh, I have the drive set to R1 and just rip it with the Decrypter. Anyone had issues with the patched firmware?

Why not, you can always go back if you don’t like it. Personally i get better results than I did with A104 especially with dash media. I have flashed as master and as slave without problems. Obviously if there is power failure during flashing you will have a problem otherwise flashing is usually safe. Whether use use TDB firmware is up to you and whether you play DVD from different regions.

It depends on your media so you will need to test your burns for errors. I have tried
A103-A105 and for my media, I get better results with A103 so I stick with that. If you cannot test, it is a hard call.

A105 provides support for two or three new types of media. Which exactly, I can’t remember. Go dig out my thread on A105 firmware and you will see or go have a look at LG’s own website. It lists the changes from A104-A105.

I’ve gone from A100->A105 by upgrading to every one of the new versions that has come out without problems. I’m not sure if there is an improvement though because my system was not configured quite right for proper burns for about 3 of the versions. So I can’t compare properly. However, as macrobe says, why not try A105, since if A105 seems to give worse results, you can always go back to an older version.

As for TDB’s region free version, if you watch DVD movies with different region codes on that drives, then yes, go for it. If not, then the standard firmware will do.
If you are worried about how safe TDB’s versions are, I’m using TDB’s RPC1 version of A105 and it works fine. I also used their RPC1 version of A104 and had no problems with it.

My Ridisc G05’s (-R) burn much better with A105 than with A104. That’s all I’ve really compared. I ignored the LG guidance & left my burner on Sec Slave with my Benq as Sec master. No problems. Just shutdown most other apps though.

What are the main improvements of this firmware?Sorry !I found out what the improvements are so i’ll share them here for thoose who don’t know:

¡ß Model:GSA-4163B
¡ß Ver:A105
¡ß Improvement Point
-. Improvement of recording quality for DVD¡¾R and DVD-RW
-. Addition of new DVD codes
¢º DVD-R: Optodisc(OPTODISCR016), Prodisc(ProdiscF02), Ritek(RITEKM16)
¢º DVD+R: UME Disc(AML 002 0), DAXON(DAXON AZ3 0)