4163B Seek Time Problem



first of all…what is seek time anyway?

ok my problem is like this:
while im doing the test with nero cd speed
my random seek time is fine
my 1/3 seek time is fine…
but my full seek time is very high! (something like 1880 m/s)

this happens sometimes…and sometimes its all good…akk seek times are fine

Im using Verbatim MCC003 media…

whats wrong? :frowning:




well update:
tried MC02RG20 Media Verbatim Branded…
Its fine…

Guess i got some bad +R Media :
Stuck with 20+ of them…


Hmm, I got the same problem with the GSA4120. Don’t know what it is. The burns are fine and I am
using quality media. The reads, compares, and verifications are fine. Data integrity is fine.

I use MCC03 and RicohR01 DVD+R 4x and RicohW11 DVD+RW 4x. Then I try to burn the same data to DVD-R and DVD-RW
and the problem does not occur. Just burns on DVD+ media, with or without booktype.

I just notice this problem recently. All my old burns when I got the burner August 04 never did this
even when tested today. So it is something in the recent burns which affect + media.
Firmware is A115. Anybody got the same problem?

So I ask you folks whether full stroke performance of 1.5 - 2.0 seconds really matter all that much,
even though I know it should be around 250ms the most.

At this point, I don’t know whether to claim warranty or not.