[4163B] Recommended media codes



I just bought this 4163B the other day, it was almost new, only a few burns, seems to be a good drive.

So, I would like to know what media codes you guys recommend from this list :




RITEK R03-002
CMC MAG M01 (16x)

Thanks in advance


-R try Sony 04D1, CMC AE1, Prodisc
+R try CMCM01, MBI R04.


OK, thank you, actually that list has some of the media I can buy around here.

I need more feedback, any input will be greatly appreciated.


My choices:
MBIPG101 R04

I would normally post a few scans, but it’s impossible to attach files right now [forum software misconfiguration].

Your choices are pretty limited. Most of the codes are not very good, but there are a few exceptions.

This drive loves CMC MAG. AE1; mine has yet to encounter an AE1 disc of any brand that wouldn’t produce an outstanding quality burn.

RITEK R03 and MBIPG101 R04 are also good, but have been slightly less predictable, with more variation between batches.


^agent, those R03s are quite crappy on my 4163B. No scans here, but multiple playback issues. AE1 is excellent, as you said, and Sony 04D1 and 08D1 both burn quite well.


Mine have all been good [Dynex, Memorex, and Maxell-branded].

Typically 200-300 PIFs total, sometimes below 100, with max PIF of 3-5.

The only reservation I have about them is the high PIE levels, above 100, in some batches [probably due to a [B]very[/B] dark Ritek dye], never PIFs.

That dark dye means low reflectivity, and that may cause problems in some standalone players.


It’s Sony 08D1 actually.

I guess I’ll buy some

MBIPG101 R04
Sony 08D1

ProdiscF01 and Sony 08D1 (more expensive) should be the easiest to find, I’ll have to do some research to find the others but I already know what to look for.

AFAIK, RITEK media seems to have gone downhill during the last months, especially QC, what do you guys think ?

Thank you all


My 4163B creates coasters out of Ricoh 8x DVD-R which is CMC MAG. AE1. This happens at the point where the drive speeds up from 6x to 8x. I tried various different versions of firmware and it made no difference. However, Imation’s 8x DVD-R version of CMC MAG. AE1 produces excellent burns.

You might want to give Ricoh 8x DVD-R discs a miss.


I haven’t seen any evidence of that with RITEK R03, but it’s possible with newer media.

Now that we can post attachments, here’s the RITEK R03 I was talking about. One burn by GSA-4163B, another by DW1655.


Thanks for tip karangguni, I’ll get some Imation-branded CMC MAG. AE1 as I may find it.

Those scans look good agent009, I can get some Philips and Maxell-branded RITEK R03 and give them a shot as well but I won’t be able to provide scans… G05 stuff is what I should avoid right ?


Right. I’ve never seen a clean G05 burn, and other people report multiple problems with them, including deterioration over time.


A friend of mine told me I may also find MXL RG03, how good is it compared to the ones I already posted ?


They are okay. They agree with almost all burners.

Their quality scans look a little scary to purists.

Something like this. [Sometimes a little better, sometimes a little worse, but very consistent overall.]


Quite well. Good overall compatibility, as agent009 has pointed out.


Imation CMC MAG. AE1 (forget what version of firmware I used, probably A105) :


Speaking of CMC MAG. AE1, I [B]once[/B] had a 25-pack that produced absolutely stunning burns in GSA-4163B [see below]. As good as the best TY packs I’ve ever encountered. Buying media is like that. You never know what you are going to get.

Anyway, these scans show how remarkably well 4163B’s electronics and optics perform, given near-perfect media.


It really looks awesome karangguni and agent009, do you guys think AE1 found today still may be as good as AE1 from last year ?


It is impossible to predict what you’ll find.

But I can tell you, this is by far the worst AE1 burn by 4163B I’ve even scanned, and it’s still pretty darn good!


Not bad at all!

I hope the HP/Philips-branded AE1 I’m going to buy will do as good as yours!

I guess my sister will need a DVD burner, Pioneer and BenQ are the choices for their scanning capabilities.

I don’t know what to do, should I keep my precious 4163B or swap it with one of the new BenQ/Pioneer models ? BTW, 1655 and 111 are still not available here


Pioneers are lousy scanners. Very slow, somewhere around 2-3x. You’ll have to wait 20+ minutes per disc to get scans that don’t look like anything BenQ or Lite-On would show you. BenQ scans a disc in 8-10 minutes and measures jitter.

BenQ DW1620/40/50/55 are my favorite drives. They are every bit as good as the 4163B, and far more versatile.