4163B recognized as 4120B by BIOS and Windows XP

Hi all,

I just replaced my older LG GSA with a used GSA-4163B that I bought off eBay (from a commercial seller who offers a whole bunch of these drives). The sticker on the drive says it’s a 4163. No other buyer of this drive and seller seems to complain about the problem that I have:

My 4163 is recognized as a 4120 both by the BIOS (updated to the latest version) of my Asrock 775Twins-HDTV R2.0 and by Windows XP.

I found this issue mentioned only once on the net and no hint as to how to resolve it.

(As of now, I can’t tell if any actual problem emerges from the drive not being correctly recognized. I’ve been trying to burn some 16x DVD+R’s - all the same brand - but could only burn them at nominally 4x, which, in fact, turned out to be more like 0.8x). Don’t know if this is a problem with the drive or the media.)

I can’t flash the firmware of the drive as the updater says it can’t find a target drive.

Any hints?

Thanks for reading.


Very bad experience !! :sad:

1st choise - Someone replaced the identification ( label )of the drive to cheats you

2nd choise - Someone misflashed the drive with a wrong firmware resulting in a downgrade ( 4120 is a 12x drive )

The 4120B is an outdated product that not support many of the new 16x medias reverting to the basic 4x for burn them

In any case look for your money back !!!

Why do people take risks buying from ebay when you can get new, dirt cheap drives from reputable sellers like for example NewEgg?
We are in the age of $30 drives…

Thanks for your replies.

the reasons why I bought this GSA, too, off ebay are:

  1. The seller I bought from has close to 100% positive feedback after 6000 deals.
  2. He’d sold at least 100 of these drives recently before I bought mine and I’d checked that none of the buyers left a non-positive feedback.
  3. I bought a lot of used hardware on ebay in the last seven years and had no fear to buy there again, esp. from a commercial seller.
  4. Consumer rights are strong in Germany.
  5. For a student like me, it makes a difference if I can get a 35 Euro drive for 25 Euro on eBay. A small difference, but still.

I didn’t post on this forum to let people know that I felt defrauded (I don’t think many would care), but to find out whether it’s a known bug that one GSA is recognized as another and how this could possibly be fixed. My hopes were that I do have a 4163 that’s just wrongly identified for some reason.

Mkay, I’ll drop the seller a line.



There is only one reason: a bad flash causing the drive going into a sort of safe mode. But still then, the drive won’t identify itself as another existing drive, and you wouldn’t be able to use the drive for anything else but flashing the right firmware. In your case, it indeed seems as if someone put 4120 hardware into a 4163 case.

Concerning the 25€ from ebay vs. 35€ for a brand new drive from reputable vendors (http://www.reichelt.de/?ARTIKEL=LG%20GSA-H10N-B): The 4163 is an “old” drive (I still love it because of its excellent CD performance) without firmware support. You won’t get good results on modern media, that was unknown at the time of last firmware update.

Mkay, I’ll drop the seller a line.
You should to that. If you are not successful, then you have wasted 25 € :rolleyes:


If you are not successful, then you have wasted 25 €

I don’t hope so. If the first two weeks after I received the drive weren’t over already, I could, as you know, return the drive without being asked questions. I’d have to pay for the return shipment then though, as the price of the product was <40 €.

I let these two weeks pass because I had no time to try the new drive out. But returning the drive and getting my money back isn’t my objective anyway. I want a working 4163. And that’s what I just wrote the seller. Let’s see what happens.

The drive has an implied one-year warranty and in the first six months, it’s the seller’s burden of proof that the drive was free of defects at the time of purchase, so I think I should be out of the woods.


(This thread must be interesting for anyone intrigued by German warranty laws. :bigsmile: )

The seller wrote back that he’ll replace the defective drive and refund my shipment costs.

Good thing.
I also think this drive is stuck into SAFE MODE…

Please note that this is still not the case in many countries, including many European countries. :doh:
Which firmware version does it have? If it’s something like COR0, it is SAFE MODE.

New drive arrived yesterday, is recognized as 4163 and works like a charm.