4163B - Quality Scans

I think we should start a thread with just quality scans for this drive.

I’ll start off with this TY02 burn, which was just an unbranded TY disc.

This was a Traxdata disc.

This was a PioData branded disc which didn’t burn too well.

This was a DataWrite branded disc, which plays on my LG Drive all the way through. But didn’t on the LiteOn.

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It would be really helpful if everyone would post the speed at which they burned the media they posted the results for.
Assuming the default burn speed from the drives firmware media table isn’t always accurate. Looks like MeMediaCodeSpeedEdit tool for LG drives will be released soon; at that point burn strategy changing will be a reality. Once burn strategy swapping is possible, for the burn quality result charts to have any value at all… you’ll have to post (in addition to media code); drive firmware version, burn speed, and strategy used, i.e. G05 burned with G03 strategy.

I have read post that indicated that there were some problems with scans from the Liteon 811. Your scans are significantly different from those posted elsewhere and those I see with the same media on my LG. I think you are actually getting better burns than you think. Do you have the A104 firmware?

I Am using the A103 firmware, I only just installed the drive today.

Here is another scan of CMC but this time at 2x in stead of the 4x, which is the max on these discs.

I have noticed that the discs with the terrible scans on the LiteOn, when doing a speed check using the LG drive there a no drops in speed and it is a good steady climb.

For example…

And this is a CMC one which is quite a bad quality scan.

Which would support my contention that the 811 is not a reliable scanner. Real PIF errors in the 200 range would make the disc unreadable.

According to some scans (can’t remember where I’ve seen those), burning at slower speed than max will crap quality with gsa-4163b.

Here’s A Scan That I Thought Were TY02 At 12x But Later Found Out They Were Fake TY’s.
Never The Less Not A Bad Scan For Fake TY’s.

You TY scan is a lot better than mine. The place I buy them from guarantees that they are not fakes.

But then somebody has said that the Lite-On 811S isn’t a good quality scanner.

I used to own an 811s. It would produce good quality burns on RICOHJPNR01 discs and nothing else. The quality scans produced by the 811s were a full order of magnitude worse than those produced by an 812s drive. Eventually I gave it away.

Here is a much better burn on a DataSafe MCC03 at 8x.

All burns with stock- unmodified A104 FW, just got drive last nite. Mfg date- FEB 2005 (came with A102 FW).

FYI, I just got a batch of Ridata R03 and they are very, very much worse than your great burn above. The batch I had from last Fall was the same as yours. Ritek seems to have a decline in quality. First G04, then G05, and now R03.

Funny, the R03’s I have are from last year too. I got em’ when Best Buy had them on sale for $19.99 for 50.
Last week they had the Verbatim’s on sale for $19.99/50 pack… so I bought two sleeves. I’m gonna stick with the Verbatim’s because they gave excellent results even at 12X. I’m done with Memorex…

Replayrob: What make of disc is your MCC03 burn and at what speed did you burn it as that it as very good burn.

I cannot confirm this. I just did a burn of TYG02 at 6x speed, resulting in a 99% CD Speed quality score on my BenQ; the best I had so far with this media on my LG.

CMCMAGAE1, Teon-branded 8x -R at 8x.