4163B Problems




I’ve got a problem with my LG 4163B DVD Burner. It cannot read any DVD movies and it takes ages to read data DVD’s.

If I put a DVD movie in, the drive will do mini spin-ups and the LED will flash.When I try to double click the drive in “My Computer”, a dialog box says that the CD format is not correct and the drive icon says CD Drive instead of DVD. A data DVD does the same thing but eventually it will spin-up properly and run.

I have a Lite-On 52x CD Burner SOHR - 5238S and this is fine, no problems at all. (Both drives are on the same IDE cable) Apparently it uses the “NVIDIA CK804 Parallel ATA Controller v2.7” and the transfer mode is at Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra 33

Details of my system:

AMD64 3000+ S939
A8N-SLI Deluxe
2x512MB Veritech DDR RAM
Leadtek 6600GT PCI-E
Enermax 600W PSU
Windows XP SP2

–the DVD burner actually worked fine for the first 4 weeks when I got the computer


If you are using nVidia IDE drivers, try changing to standard Windows drivers. Many people report problems with the nVidia drivers.


How to change back to standard windows driver??

Thank you.
(may be step by step teaching better for the new learner like me):slight_smile:


Someone else will have to answer this. I only repeated what I keep reading about nVidia IDE drivers, I do not have them myself.


Go to the IDE Channel Properties where your 4163 is (see Enabling/ Checking DMA In Windows XP, 2000, Me, 9x to go there) and delete the IDE Channel --Primary or Secondary-- and windows will reinstall the MS IDE Driver.


Or you can try to download and install the newest nvidia chipset driver and see if it help! I am using nforce4 too. I don’t have any problem.



Are you sure about that :confused:
Deletin a driver does not remove it form the harddrive so at next startup Windows will search for the most suitable driver, which in this case would be the nvidia nforce driver.
In my opinionj you will need to replace the current driver by the generic Microsoft IDE driver, not delete.

But the new nForce drivers (5.10) seem to cause no problem.



As you mentioned before, it worked fine at the first 4 weeks. Try to remember what you have done on your computer to cause the problem. Did you add some new hardware or installed new software? usually, 1st, check if your system have catched virus; Virus can cause problem to IDE system driver. 2nd, try to uninstall the nvidia driver and then reinstall v5.1 driver.

hope it can help !